作者简介:Calder Moore,3D Artist at Moon Studios


In this tutorial we cover how to make a realistic river scene using Octane for C4D(though any software(Blender,Maya,etc) would work!). We go through establishing our base river scene, then go through the process of creating a wet looking river bed and a realistic water shader. then we go through the process of bringing the scene together by creating scatter systems for falling leaves, and leaves built up along the rocks and logs along the river. We then finish the scene with adding some fog to create depth and adjust some lighting to make a pleasing scene. After we get our final renders and Depth passes we then go into photoshop and polish up the scene to a final finished piece!

Watch promo vid here!

What do I need to have before I start:

– Octane and basic knowledge of using it.

– Cinema 4D(or other 3d software package) and the basic knowledge of using it.

– some foliage assets to complete setdressing scene (megascans, speedtree, forester, etc)

– Photoshop for compositing and finishing touches.

– I would suggest having at least 6gigs of Vram as these scenes can get heavy

this tutorial includes:

-3hr30min video with 3hrs audio commentary

-my rendered passes, final psd, and some examples of my work

Any questions? I’d be happy to answer! you can find me on:




备注:这是Calder Moore的第三套教程,在C4D中创建小溪,最终效果就是封面图的样子。这套教程让我学到了很多骚操作,最棒的就是在oc材质里调用顶点贴图,去画河岸被水浸湿的效果以及混合2种噪波来创造水面的波纹。远处的天空是2个巨大的平面贴的天空贴图。种种操作还有很多。受到显卡限制虽然没办法做他这种风景图但是看完仍旧可以学到很多东西。