Eytan Zana is currently a concept artist at Naughty Dog Inc.
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A 5+ hour tutorial with commentary covering a range of techniques I use on a daily basis.

This video series will take you through my thought process on creating a finished painting starting with a 3D render as my base.

The tutorial will cover topics such as: Basic modeling in Modo, Lighting and texturing in Modo, Painting over a 3d base in Photoshop, and JUICE!

This tutorial comes with a 5+ hour video, the modo file, the layered PSD file, brushes, process images, and links to other great videos!

Basic Modo knowledge recommended but not required!
FREE intro to Modo and other great tutorials here!

备注:Eytan Zana和John Sweeney都是顽皮狗的艺术家。Eytan Zana在Gumroad上的教程就4个,我都有。其他3个不放了。