作者简介:Concept Artist at Naughty Dog


Digital Illustration Theory and Process 1
作者 John Sweeney
In this package you will receive a 3.5 hour long demo of my process, with narration focusing on theory and intention behind both the techniques used and the medium.

-3.5 hour 720p resolution demo video

-raw PSB (Large Photoshop Document) file

-shortcut notes (list of Photoshop shortcuts used in the demo video)

now available on PAYPAL !

Digital Illustration Theory and Process 2
作者 John Sweeney
In this video I work from beginning to end over a 3D base, implementing elements of photo bashing and digital painting with texture brushes. I overview my process and theory on creating digital images and touch lightly on the ethics of using photos in my work. I also give some insight to my personal career path so far.

This package includes:
-5.5 Hour Process Video (1080p resolution!)

-Required reading materials for anyone interested in entertainment design and painting

-Raw Photoshop file so you can follow along or go through at your own pace!

-Lots of rambling about my thought process 🙂

As a bonus I’ve included my first “finished” digital environment painting from when I was in school, so you can see my skill level when I started digital painting 🙂

Also available through PAYPAL

for Mac users it might be best to download VLC to watch: