作者简介:Concept Artist working in Film/Video game industry.


Here is a tutorial that is heavily inspired by the works of Simon Stålenhag. The content covered in this tutorial goes through the tools, setting up the color palette and painting process. This tutorial was intended for those wants to learn how to paint in this style. I do not take credit for Simon’s work  but was merely inspired by his treatment and handling of details. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

3 hour video tutorial

1. Chapter 1 – Tools_Brush_demo

2. Chapter 2 – Breakdown_Color_Brush_demo

3. Chapter 3 – Full_Color_Painting_demo

Includes: PSD, JPEG, STEP-BY-STEP, VIDEO FILE, and Tool presets

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备注:John J. Park模仿Simon Stalenhag画风的教程